How to build a successful chemical business in India with a cost efficient entry strategy

Many SMEs know the problem: There is a good business opportunity in an interesting market but one does not have the time required and/or the relevant expertise in-house to take the necessary steps, lead the implementation of the concept and also follow up on the progress regularly.

Ideally, a local set-up with people having the right competences and contacts, who know how to do business in this market and run the local business independently to a certain extent, would be required. However, many companies avoid taking this major step. They shy away from the complexity and the challenges of setting up the unit, looking for the right people and supporting the start-up phase from HQ as they know that this would be a time-consuming and expensive task, which they might not be able to handle adequately. Working with a distributor looks then like the means of choice. Unfortunately in India this approach alone is often not working. India is a complex market with different cultures and languages and so one distributor will simply not be able to cater successfully to the whole of India. This problem is often underestimated.

Here the know-how and the expertise of Go East Advisors comes into play. Being a successful entrepreneur in the chemical area in India for many years, we developed especially for the European SMEs a concept that allows companies to be in the local market at reasonable cost. This concept has proven to be successful with several customers already.

Core element of this concept is that Go East Advisors will select together with you the right employee for your business and we will ensure that this employee will develop the business according to a jointly designed plan. This will not only relieve you from a regular monitoring of the activities but also ensures that somebody is focussing on your business only. Due to a common service platform cost also remain reasonable. Even more so, as you do not need to hire a general manager able to handle your own legal entity but you can select the technical or marketing expert, who perfectly fits to your business requirement. At the same time in India as well as in Europe, experts are at your disposal Chemical experts with more than 20 years of expertise in marketing chemicals and managing chemical businesses in India with whom you can discuss the way forward, who can give some guidance or help to refine your approach to the market. This expertise has proven to be the most critical asset in successfully designing and setting up a business in India.