Will India overcome its energy problems soon?

In financial year 2014/2015 India has seen a power capacity addition of 26 GW in one year – the highest ever. For the first time energy consumption per capita surpassed 1000 kWh in spite of a still fast growing population. Also Peak power deficit was with 2.4% at the lowest level ever.

The current Governement has realised that availabilty and competitivenenss of energy is a critical enabler for economic growth. In order to increase the output of the power sector even faster the government has been instrumental in initiating several key measures since it came to power 2 years back. It will certainly take some more years until the population and the industry will get uninterupted power supply everywhere in India. But even today there are industry clusters in several Staates in India where you can find a reliable and stable power supply.

While looking for a new production site in India it is thus important to keep this aspect in mind in order to not run into potential production problems and to avoid investments in back-up power generators.

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